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how to send unlimited emails using gmail

how to send unlimited emails using gmail
how to send html emails using gmail
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how to send unlimited emails daily
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unlimited emails (pop/imap) + instant messaging + internet browsing
Dear All,

I am able to send 500 emails in a day with my gmail account through using System.Net.Mail; my code is

for (int j = 0; j < UsersList.Length; j++)

Session["SUsers"] = Convert.ToString(UsersList[j].ToString());
lettermanager.SubscriberID = Convert.ToInt32(UsersListId[j].ToString());
SmtpClient emailClient = new SmtpClient();
MailMessage Mail = new MailMessage();

Mail.IsBodyHtml = Convert.ToBoolean(dtMailConfig.Rows[0]["IsHtmlBody"].ToString());
Mail.From = new MailAddress(defaultemailid, lbl_sendername.Text);
Mail.Sender = new MailAddress(defaultemailid, lbl_sendername.Text);
Mail.ReplyTo = new MailAddress(defaultemailid, lbl_sendername.Text);
Mail.Priority = MailPriority.Normal;
Mail.Subject = lbl_lettersubject.Text;
Mail.Body = lbl_LetterContents.Text.Trim() + "

" + lbl_sendername.Text;

emailClient.Host = SMTP_Adress;
emailClient.Credentials = network_cdr;
emailClient.Port = Convert.ToInt16(dtMailConfig.Rows[0]["Port"].ToString()); ;
emailClient.EnableSsl = Convert.ToBoolean(dtMailConfig.Rows[0]["IsSSL"].ToString());
lettermanager.Status = true;

catch (Exception ex)

lettermanager.Status = false;

can anyone answer me that how can i sent unllimited emails in asp.net c# with gmail or any other account.

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